Monkey Punch (real name Kazuhiko Kato), was a veteran manga artist, most known in Japan for Lupin III, first released in 1967. He wrote and illustrated the beloved manga which was also developed into a successful animated series. The story follows the escapades of a master theif, Arsene Lupin 3rd, the grandson of Arsene Lupin, a character from classic French literature.

Sadly, Kazuhiko Kato passed away recently. He was 81 years old. The loss of such a legendary talent was mourned in the anime and manga fan community, and many tributes, including fan art and cosplays, were made.

The Kano sisters are known as TV stars in Japan, but in their spare time they’ve also amassed a cult following for their surprising hobby, cosplaying as their favourite characters. The level of detail in their costumes and photoshoots show more than just a surface interest for the anime and manga they work from and convinced their new otaku fans of the sisters’ genuine appreciation.

As big fans of anime and manga, the Kano sisters have offered their own tribute to Monkey Punch and his works by each cosplaying as the main female character from Lupin III, Fujiko Mine. (Use the arrow to see more images)

One of the most iconic female characters in anime, Fujiko is known as much for her wiles and marksmanship as she is for her impossibly buxom figure.

Both interpretations of the character show the sisters’ individual flair. Mika’s Fujiko looks like a real life rendering of the femme fatale, while Kyoko’s version looks more animated with an outrageous catsuit, bright blue lenses and bold anime-like make-up.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.