One of Japan’s most well known shiba inu, Hana-chan rose to fame as the adorably stubborn dog who would suddenly decide mid-walk that she didn’t want to move anymore.

Her owner’s attempts at pulling her along resulted in many a cute photo of face rolls and an assertive glare.

But these latest photos of the seven year old pupper, have got us nostalgic for the cherry blossom season that’s only just finished here in Tokyo.

Source: 87shiba87

During a spring walk, this cherry blossom petal fell and naturally landed gracefully on Hana-chan’s forehead, allowing for this precious seasonal snap.

The additional petal seen in the next photo was less natural. Hana-chan’s owner placed it there to make some cute pink eyebrows and Hana-chan looks adorably confused.

Source: 87shiba87

It seems the viral potential of the internet’s favourite canines won’t wane any time soon, and why would it? Shiba inu are so cool some even run their own businesses, or inspire the design of whole hotel rooms!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.