With the current current Japanese emperor Akihito's 30-year reign (known as the Heisei Era) comes to a close, the country will enter what has been officially announced as the Reiwa Era (meaning the era of Beautiful Harmony). But before new emperor Naruhito ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne, Japanese businesses are doing all they can to say goodbye to the Heisei era with goods such as celebratory teas and parfaits. One company is raising eyebrows with their way of saying goodbye to Heisei, however.

Manufacturer Heso is teaming up with the village of Henari in Gifu prefecture to sell cans containing "the air of the departing era", each priced at 1,080 yen.

"Air is free of charge but we hope people will enjoy breathing the fresh air of Heisei after the new era comes, or just keep it as a memento," company president Minoru Inamoto told the AFP (via Japan Today). Heso has released a lineup of Heisei-themed products to sell in local shops in the village, which shares the same kanji as Heisei.

Each tightly packed can of air also contains a five-yen coin, which are thought of as good luck charms in Japan.

The cans containing the "last of the the departing era" are available in local shops in Henari as well as online.

By - Big Neko.