It’s been 45 years since the iconic character arrived on the scene, but Hello Kitty hasn’t aged a bit.

One of the representatives of kawaii, Hello Kitty can be found everywhere in Japan. From bullet trains to hotel rooms, the character’s popularity seems to know no bounds.

Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty, are also responsible for hit characters such as Rilakkuma and Gudetama. Between all their beloved creations, Sanrio really know how to put on a good show when it comes to themed cafes and themed food.

This latest Tokyo cafe to celebrate Kitty-chan’s 45th anniversary (there was another one earlier this year with super adorable pancakes) will be popping up in Ikebukuro from Thursday 25th. As usual, every dish just has to have a Hello Kitty face as its centrepiece.

For example, the tomato cream pasta has a soft bread face.

The classic Okinawan dish taco rice has a rice Kitty poking her head out of a bowl.

This may look like a dessert of some sort, but it’s actually just the most kawaii udon noodles you’ve ever seen in your life. What appears to be some sort of pink custard is actually curry coloured with beets. The Hello Kitty face comes courtesy of an egg.

Apples are one of Hello Kitty’s favourite foods and they will usually make an appearance on the themed cafe menu one way or another. This baked apple is topped with Hello kitty shaped ice cream.

The Hello Kitty cup trifle may be the cutest of all the offerings. On top, a marshmallow Kitty clutches a strawberry heart.

Sadly as it's an anniversary pop-up cafe, it will only be around for a limited time. You can catch this cute Kitty cafe from 25th April to 30th June on 8th floor of Seibu Ikebukuro department store.

More information about prices and opening times available on Seibu Ikebukuro website (Japanese only).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.