The trips to seek out the best travel destinations in Japan are made much easier by shinkansen. The comfortable and high speed trains bullet trains have even gone the extra mile in recent years to appeal to anime fans with Neon Genesis Evangelion and even Hello Kitty themed trains. The latest decorated shinkansen in Japan will have Disney fans smiling, however, as it's a full-blown Mickey Mouse bullet train!

Japan Railways is launching a campaign titled Go! Waku Waku Trip with Mickey (Go! Exciting Trip with Mickey) where the Kyushu Shinkansen Series 800 (6 cars) will take on a Mickey Mouse transformation. The shinkansen's exterior will be decorated with illustrations of Mickey Mouse enjoying a Japanese summer holiday, with his luggage containing watermelons (a Japanese summer treat) and a wash bin from an onsen hot spring bath.

The interior also features Disney seat-covers, which when lined up properly will make it look like passengers are wearing a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

Mickey Mouse summer vacation themed stationery, model trains, and other goods will also be sold on board the train as well as in stations the shinkansen stops at.

The Mickey Mouse shinkansen will run from Hakata to Kagoshima Chuo Station in Kyushu starting May 17th, and is expected to run throughout the summer.

By - Big Neko.