Japan's self-proclaimed "adventurous" bookstore Village Vanguard doesn't limit itself to reading material. The oddity shop has everything from adorable cat-tail shaped incense stands to ninja girl bikinis. Now the shop is stocking up on an item to hopefully combat the weariness of overwork in Japan while also looking cute--shiba inu, cat, and panda eye masks that can be heated or chilled to sooth tired eyes.

The "use-while-you-do-something-else eye pillow" contains a silica gel pack that is microwaveable for when you want to produce a heated sensation and can also be cooled down in a fridge or freezer for when you want to chill the area around your eyes. In addition, the part of the eye pillow that touches the skin is fitted with squalene moisturizer for skin care, presumably spots showing signs of unrest.

The eye pillow comes in three different animal designs.

Shiba inu



The eye pillows are available via Village Vanguard's online (Japan only) shop for 1,458 yen, but can also be found on Amazon.

By - Big Neko.