Kunjudo is an incense company founded on Awaji Island in 1893. They use their accumulated 120 years of expertise, working with skilled artisans, to create not just traditional incense, but also provide some stylish, modern takes on the craft.

These beautiful incense paper leaves, called HA KO, have recently gone on sale for the first time.

Each perfectly formed paper leaf is manufactured by hand using traditional incense making methods

When lit, the leaf slowly burns up and disseminates the spicy incense scent.

There’s eight different scents to choose from, with a few different leaf shapes and colours:

Spicy jasmine


Elegant citrus


Smoky cinnamon

White floral

Green grass

True aqua

The pale, muted colours make the leaves even more stylish and they would make a beautiful addition to any room as decoration.

They can be bought individually for 380 yen, or a set of 5 will set you back 2200 yen.

If you're looking for something a bit more fancy as a gift, you can also get sets of 6 (3,100 yen) or 8 (8,500 yen) which come with an incense plate. (All prices not including tax)

They can be bought in Kunjudo official online shop.

UPDATE: If you live in Japan you can order the five piece set or six piece set on the grape SHOP!

HA KO set of five

HA KO set of six

By - grape Japan editorial staff.