As the former emperor abdicated and Heisei came to an end, perhaps we were all feeling a bit emotional. As the new era of Reiwa was ushered in, everyone felt nostalgic for all the good times Heisei brought us.

One Japanese Twitter user celebrated with some toshi koshi soba, a noodle dish traditionally eaten for new year celebrations, but can just as easily work for an era change too.

As he took a photo of the last toshi koshi soba of Heisei, his cat, Miki-chan, displayed a sad expression in the background and somehow seemed to capture the emotional turmoil that the whole country was going through.

Source: d_buddha

The Twitter post went viral, with many commenters saying they shared her feelings.

She seems to start crying.

Source: d_buddha

Then she gets it together again, maybe she starts to move on.

Source: d_buddha

Her very human expressions suggested to the owner that she seemed to understand what was going on and she was expressing a sad farewell to the Heisei era.

Heisei is never coming back, Miki-chan, and we just have to deal with it.

Or perhaps she just wished she had some noodles for herself. It's one or the other.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.