Shiba inu seem to have a firm canine paw grip on the adorable dog corner of the internet, but their social media queen may be Hana. The adorable shiba is quite famous for her hilariously stubborn stop-and-start antics during walks, as well as enthusiasm for frolicking in cherry blossoms.

It's Hana's not so adorable side that is buzzing on Japanese Twitter this time around, however, as she recently was forced to visit the vet for her first shot of the newly ushered in Reiwa Era. Despite her human cradling her and bear with her for one shot, Hana wants everyone in the room to know that she is not pleased.

Adding to the tragic comedy of Hana's vet visit is that the vet is that amidst all of her growling, the vet is telling Hana that the shot hasn't even gone in yet. Something tells us that Hana is going to be extra stubborn on her next walk.

By - Big Neko.