In Japanese, the act of putting amazing-looking food on Instagram to make your friends mouth-wateringly jealous is called, very appropriately, ‘food terrorism’. One of the heavy hitters in gourmet social media posts in recent times is souffle pancakes. Any picture that contains a stack of these fluffy treats is guaranteed to get the desired effect.

Souffle Pancakes: Japan's Fluffiest Food Trend

Souffle pancakes are like no pancakes you have ever seen before.

Some Japanese pancake joints use whipped egg whites, while others use mascarpone or ricotta cheese in the batter to achieve the heavenly and silky texture characteristic of these fluffy miracles.

Where to Get the Fluffiest Souffle Pancakes in Tokyo

Flippers, a well-known chain pancake restaurant in Japan, is famous for delicately airy souffle pancakes. The outer layer is so lightly holding in the soft centre, it seems to be keeping it together with nothing more substantial than hopes and dreams.

Their ‘miracle’ pancakes are sold with seasonal toppings meaning it’s worth going back again and again to see how the lighter-than-air pancakes combine with various flavours.

As one of the big food trends in Tokyo at the moment, it just seems fitting that Flippers would make a combined treat of souffle pancakes and toppings using traditional Japanese flavours as in the kinako and Uji matcha pancakes.

Hopefully this information will come in useful next time you’re in Tokyo with a sweets craving, but remember... we do not condone acts of food terrorism.

How to Get to Flippers in Tokyo

There are Flippers branches all over Tokyo, the shop list can be found on their website (Japanese only). Flippers Stand branches are take out only and do not have the full menu.

Flippers website

By - Jess.