Japan has a whole host of adorable mascots and characters coming from video games, anime and other media. One of the cool things about them is how often this sort of nerdy world collides with the cosmetic world, resulting in some of the cutest and prettiest makeup packaging that can be found.

The Sailor Moon lipsticks that were released recently look more like decorations for your room than cosmetics.

But this new collection, coming out this month, will bring all the cute, pink roundness of one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters to your makeup.

The collection is a collaboration between cosmetics brand Coffret and Nintendo, intended to transport Kirby into the world of makeup. Original Kirby flower patterns have been created for the charming packaging.

But it's not as easy as just walking into a shop and picking up the makeup that you want. The cosmetics will be sold like a raffle, with one item costing 780 yen. You're guaranteed to win an item, but you'll have to rely on luck to get the one that you want.

There's seven types of prize, and some have more than one colour option to choose from!

The palette includes six eyeshadow colours and two blushers, the names of the colours are inspired by different levels from the game.

The compact blusher has a round case which is a perfect rendering of Kirby's adorable visage.

You can choose from two lipsticks if you're lucky enough to win them. The Kirby decorated one is a sweet pink colour while Waddle Dee comes through with a summery coral.

The lip glosses showcase the original art with the three different patterns decorating each of the three colours. You can get a reddish pink, clear or an elegant pearly pink.

Kirby's hand creams have three different fragrances to choose from, pink floral, blue botanical and orange garden. The tins are cutely adorned with the floral Kirby patterns.

These single creamy colours can be used as eye shadow, blusher or lip cream, depending on the hue.

Where will you keep your adorable Kirby makeup, if not in an adorable Kirby makeup bag?

The collection will be available from 25th May 2019 and will be sold in Lawson convenience stores and other select outlets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.