Both scotch whiskey aficionados and fans of Go Nagai's Devilman alike took notice in January 2018 when Shogakukan's Otona no Ippin online shop offered a special Invergordon 1972 whiskey with a Devilman label. There were so many orders from around the world that the bottles sold out the very same day, leaving many regretting that they missed their chance.

Fortunately, another opportunity has arrived!

Devilman Label Scotch Whiskeys from Shogakukan

On May 21st 9:30 AM (JST), Shogakukan will begin taking reservations for not one, but three new scotch whiskeys, each with completely new Devilman labels.

Invergordon 1973

Price: 32,400 JPY (700 ml), limited edition of 120. Matured for 44 years, 47.7% alcohol. Selected by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka and Carsten Ehrlich, owner of The Whisky Agency.

The northernmost distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, Invergordon is currently owned by Whyte & Mackay. They make their single grain whiskey with grains such as rye and wheat, as well as corn sourced from Southern France, distilling them in continuous stills. This whiskey has a sweet honey and vanilla aroma and a flavor characterized by overtones of banana chip. Despite its long maturation, it's not too woody and very well balanced.

Imperial 1997

Price: 25,920 JPY (700 ml), limited edition of 160. Matured for 20 years, 51.5% alcohol. Selected by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka.

In its nearly 100 years of operation since 1897, the Imperial Distillery made a name for itself providing base whiskeys for use in blended whiskeys such as the famous Ballantine's. Therefore, single malts such as this one are rare today. This whiskey has a wonderful, sophisticated aroma, a flavor reminiscent of yellow flowers with overtones of apricot and dried fruit, followed by a slightly spicy finish.

Glen Moray 1998

Price: 23,220 JPY (700 ml), limited edition of 195. Matured for 20 years, 51.9% alcohol. Selected by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka and Carsten Ehrlich, owner of The Whisky Agency.

This whiskey from Glen Moray, a distillery built on the banks of the River Lossie in Elgin at the heart of the Speyside whiskey area in Scotland, has a sweet chocolate biscuit and marmalade aroma. Its flavor is characterized by spices such as cinnamon and citrus peel, followed by a pleasant woody finish.


If you want to reserve your bottle (or bottles), be ready on May 21st at 9:30 AM (JST) and check the following website (Japanese only).

By - Ben K.