Hearing weird noises from inside your wall sounds like horror movie material, but for this Japanese man the disturbing noises actually resulted in an adorable fated meeting.

One evening, Japanese Twitter user @d_e_heffun started to hear strange scratching and crying sounds, he realised that they were coming from inside the wall. After trying to ignore it for a while, he decided to open up the wall, and this terrifying hand reached out.

Source: d_e_heffun

Just kidding! The little paw belonged to a distressed kitten trapped inside.

Source: d_e_heffun

Originally, when he heard the kitten’s cries, he thought it was best to leave it and let the mother come and rescue him. Human interference may complicate things, and sometimes with animals it does more harm than good.

But as the cries got gradually weaker, he realized he had to intervene and made a hole in the wall.

Source: d_e_heffun

The cat seemed completely healthy, with plenty of fur and bright eyes.

Source: d_e_heffun

The rescuer suspected that the kitten has been crawling in the space between the ceiling and roof and had slipped down into the narrow wall space.

The kitten looked a little bit tentative at first, but he seems to have settled in completely to his new home.

With a fated meeting like this, it seems like this lucky kitten is going to have a friend for life. One who’s even willing tear down parts of his own house for him!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.