May 10th is Maid Day in Japan, and it's not because of Hotori Arashiyama, the maid costume-clad protagonist of And Yet the Town Moves, whose birthday is on that date, but for a much simpler reason: maid in Japanese メイド sounds like the English word May メイ and to (or do in this case), which is one way of saying 10.

To commemorate the occasion, illustrators, cosplayers, designers and fans of maids and maid cafes enjoy posting their favorite maid-related images on social media and image sharing sites.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular images that were posted on Twitter this year:

Maids in Cosplay

Cosplayer Kurumi posted these beautiful pictures of her as Rem from Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, who seems to be one of the most popular maid characters in recent memory (she ranked first in last year's poll conducted by anime news site Anime!Anime!).

Kiiro Murasa, a cosplayer who enjoys portraying classic anime characters like Bulma from Dragon Ball and Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, to name a few, posted these lovely pictures of her cosplaying as Faris Nyannnyan from Stein's:Gate, who also remains popular (she ranked 16th in the abovementioned poll).

Okura Yamanaka, a university student who enjoys cosplaying and modeling, posted these two images on her Twitter account:

Although she may not be a cosplayer, no Maid Day review would be complete without Maako, the weapon-wielding maid costume-wearing badass who we've introduced before. Here she is showing off her swordsmanship for the first time in the Reiwa Era:

Maids in Illustrations

There is no shortage of Japanese illustrators who enjoy portraying maids in various ways, and May 10th is the perfect occasion for them to show their favorite works.

Continuing on the theme of badass maids, for example, illustrator fufu, who seems to enjoy portraying strong, warrior-type female characters and, by his own admission on his Twitter profile, girls who smoke cigarettes, posted these maids on Maid Day:

On the softer side of things, illustator necömi, whose excellent work has been featured in Fate/Grand Order and other online games, and featured at the yearly Eshi-100 Exhibition of leading anime and manga illustrators, posted this beautiful silver-haired maid:

Popular illustrator Tomoe Rokuwada of doujin circle Vol de Nuit, known for her Kantai Collection work and other illustrations of cute girls, posted these three maids from her recent Kantai Collection doujin COMPASSROSE 8:

Chisame Kashiwagi, an illustrator who portrays maids and other young female characters with a very stylish touch, posted this attractive collection of maids in "quiet moments":


Who says humans or humanoid beings are the only ones who can wear maid costumes? Maid fans showed their cute and creepy creations on May Day too.

For example, this mopping rabbit maid by cute and cuddly animal illustrator Rairakku:

Original doll creator and arachnophile Taka used the opportunity to fit his Arachne doll (his original character, not to be confused with Julia Carpenter from Marvel comics) with a classic maid outfit. The tweet in which he shared the the startling results has over 4,500 likes at the time of writing:

By - Ben K.