As the weather gets warmer here in Japan, we edge slowly but surely into yukata season. Yukata are light kimono, worn in the summer for events such as local festivals and firework displays.

There’s all manner of patterns and colours to choose from, ranging from classic floral patterns to more contemporary designs.

This set of simple and modern kimonos wouldn't look out of place at any matsuri, but they originate from an unlikely source.

They aren’t the product of a fashion retailer, but made by Toyo, a tire manufacturing company in Japan.

The stylish patterns adorning the yukata are inspired by tire treads, but rather than giving roadkill vibes, the bold graphic designs look undeniably chic. In this advertisement, Toyo Tires show the gorgeous fabric being printed and formed into the finished product.

Sadly, these kimono are not for sale, but were created as an inventive way to advertise the company. There’s still time before firework season for Toyo to change their minds, but until then check out these Mickey Mouse yukata that would be perfect to wear on a trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

By - Jess.