In the age of Instagram, it is said that anyone can be a model.

Social media has given people of all ages, body shapes and races a platform to show just how fashionable they can be. One of these unconventional success stories is Japan’s hot new Instagram star called SLVR TESTUYA.

Every one of his shots ooze charisma and Tetsuya, the 84-year-old Akita resident, is serving look after look.

The confidence and ease he exhibits makes him seen like a seasoned fashionista, but actually these are his grandson’s clothes.

It was also the grandson’s idea in the first place to transform his average countryside-dwelling grandfather into the flashy alter ego, SLVR TESTUYA.

It seems to have been a meteoric rise to Insta-fame, as he gained 10,000 followers in just one day, after the grandson's post on Twitter generated a buzz around the social media star.

Although Tetsuya obviously has an innate knack for posing, a lot of credit must go to his grandson’s awesome styling and photography skills. You can follow the SLVR TETSUYA account here for more wig-snatching looks.

By - Jess.