Many were pleasantly surprised to learn of a "self-employed" shiba inu selling roasted sweet potatoes (yaki-imo) at an honor-system based booth in Japan, but his feline equivalent has also been turning heads for a while. Recently Kirshima Design Lab (@akawano2) took to Twitter to share a startling but cute video of a giant furry cat selling sweet potatoes.

The identity of the feline vendor is actually Mikeneko Yamada (@zerozero93) a cat lover and traveling sweet potato vendor who has become sort of a local legend in Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture. Mikeneko is famous in the area for not only popular for serving up snacks as a cat and delighting children, but for handcrafting the costume himself.

Mikeneko originally started the sweet potato stalls up six years ago as fundraising to open up his own ramen joint. At the moment, the daily locations of his sweet potato stands can be found on his Facebook and blog, but Mikeneko also takes orders for cat masks and suits as well.

By - Big Neko.