Zespri International Japan hopes that their catchy new commercial featuring the new word, a combination of the English "delicious" and the Japanese slang ageru アゲる literally "lifting up" (your mood), will get you motivated to sample their kiwifruits and, according to their press release, even become the first buzzword of the Reiwa Era.

With new lyrics set to the music of the 2004 O-Zone song Dragostea Din Tei, popularized as 恋のマイアヒ "Koi no Maiyahi" in Japan, the short 15-second commercial features Zespri's two Kiwi mascots, Green and Gold, dancing in a supermarket and singing about the uplifting virtues of their product.



アゲリシャス アゲアゲリシャス
アゲリシャス アゲアゲリシャス

Eat our kiwi, Agelicious taste
Agelicious taste, Age-Agelicious taste
D'licious kiwi lifting up your mood
Agelicious taste, Age-Agelicious taste

Note: We took some liberties with the English translation

Although the slang ageru アゲる by itself can still be found today, ageage アゲアゲ, a term born out of DJ culture referring to a state of high energy or high spirits, was born in the early 2000s. Combined with the song choice, Zespri is probably trying to tap into the current mood of Heisei nostalgia in Japan as it transitions into the Reiwa Era.

According to Zespri International Japan, this is their first commercial campaign of 2019, but since it is billed as commercial #1, you can be sure to expect others to follow.

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By - Ben K.