Various efforts have been made to help revitalise the area surrounding Fukushima, and in a surprising turn it seems their latest special product is targeting classic rock fans.

Fukushima is famous for their high quality sake, and at the request of the prefectural governor, local sake breweries Homare and Okunomatsu have joined in a collaboration with legendary rock band Kiss. The result is two Kiss themed sake bottles, featuring album cover art and decorated with a guitar plectrum.

Although it may seem a bit random, apparently the Fukushima prefectural governor Uchibori Masao is a metalhead and was well known in the Fukushima rock scene even before he became governor.

As a member of the ‘Kiss Army’, the official fan club of the band, Mr Uchibori managed to get tickets for their concert in Sendai last time they came to Japan. But he couldn’t go into the end due to a sudden meeting, which is why he said he’s extra happy about this collaboration, which should help towards the regeneration of Fukushima.

It’s a bit of an obscure connection but they would make interesting souvenirs for sure. They are available along with some other Kiss themed sake from other areas of Japan on the Tower Records online site and in the Tower Records Shibuya store.

By - Jess.