Fans of Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo from last fall's hit anime series SSSS.GRIDMAN have been rewarded with high quality anime goods such as plastic folders, pins, key chain accessories, and tapestries, etc. on Animate's Online Shop, for example, not to mention beautifully designed figures, as we reported earlier this year.

When it comes to voice content, however, although fans have been able to listen to Rikka and Akane voice actresses Yume Miyamoto and Reina Ueda talking on the SSSS.GRIDMAN radio show "Anime GRIDMAN Radio Toriaezu UNION," there hasn't been any new "in character" voice content for fans to enjoy (unless you count their character songs "Garasu-dama" and "Motto kimi wo shiritai").

Until now.

SSSS.GRIDMAN ALARM -If your smile-

A just-released app for iOS and Android made by D-techno Co.,Ltd., SSSS.GRIDMAN ALARM -If your smile- is a mutli-function alarm app which is sure to please fans. The second title in the company's new Characlock line of anime-themed alarm apps, it's packed with excellent content.

Not only does it contain an astonishing 600 original voice clips covering standard wake-up scenarios as well a multitude of other situations and 30 original illustrations created by TRIGGER, it also features a "what if" alternative story in the lives of Rikka and Akane, set within the world of the anime, with many long lines of dialogue you'll want to enjoy with headphones.

Promotional Video

Let's take a look at the features:

Alarm Function

You can set up to a total of 10 different alarm times, each one of which can be customized with up to 3 different voice clips. It also features a snooze feature, a wallpaper feature, and custom alarm names.

You can listen to a sample of their voices on the app's home page here.

Sleepover Mode

Probably the most anticipated feature, this mode offers fans a glimpse into the lives of Rikka and Akane, imagining what might have happened if they had a sleepover. When you activate the mode, you'll be able to see illustrations of Rikka and Akane and listen to their conversation as they talk about their lives, share laughs, open up about their feelings, get cozy, and have endearing activities like singing lullabies and counting kaiju instead of sheep to help each other fall asleep. With over 100 lines of dialogue, there's plenty of content to make fans of Rikka and Akane happy.

You can listen to a sample on the app's home page here.

Stamp Feature

Every day you trigger and stop an alarm, you'll get a stamp. Once you collect 5 stamps, you'll be rewarded by being able to unlock a new illustration. You'll be able to unlock up to 6 original illustrations made by anime studio TRIGGER.


Moreover, with a timer feature, an album feature, and additional situation voice clips, it's clear that this app goes above and beyond standard alarm apps, allowing you to extend your experience of the anime in a fun and entertaining way.

Twitter Campaign

To commemorate the app's launch, Characlock is having a follow and retweet Twitter campaign in which you'll be entered into a drawing to receive a package containing a shikishi panel personally autographed by Reina Ueda, a tapestry featuring a new original illustration by TRIGGER and an acrylic key chain accessory.

App Information

  • Developer: D-techno Co.,Ltd.
  • Price: 960 JPY, + in-app purchases
  • Genre: Multi-function alarm
  • Compatibility: iOS 11 or above, Android 4.4 or above
  • Official Website: SSSS.GRIDMAN ALARM -If your smile-
  • App download pages: iOS, Android

By - Ben K.