Starting as a small company in the UK, Lush has become a firm favourite of beauty and skincare enthusiasts due to their ethical sourcing and creative products.

The bath bomb peddlers have shown before they’re not afraid to innovate, and Japan seems to be one of their favourite countries to do it in. Following the bath bomb concept store in Harajuku, Lush will open a new massive store in Shinjuku which promises to be a whole new shopping experience.

The new Lush will become the biggest flagship store in Asia for the company, spanning 4 floors of fragrant goods. Each floor will have a different theme, showcasing Lush's newly utilised technology.

Inspired by the modern landscape of Shinjuku, the exterior of the store will have a giant LED screen fitted, which should blend seamlessly into the famously neon-lit area.

Without relying on the customer’s Japanese or English knowledge, information about the products will be relayed through icons and pictograms, as well as digital screens and video projections. With these visual clues, anyone should be able to shop, regardless of language.

Many items will be displayed and sold sans packaging, as shoppers can scan it into the Lush Labs app to get more information. This is one way the company hopes to reduce their impact on the environment.

Thanks to a touch sensor, when customers pick up a product to inspect it further, audio clips will play automatically to add to the experience.

The image of colourful melted bath bombs has been used as an inspiration point for colour therapy, with digital art experiences that customer can even interact with. The fantastical art is supposed to infuse the shopping experience with the visitor’s moods.

The intriguing promotional pictures that have been released just show the opening date on a psychedelic background, reminiscent of one of their signature bath bombs. Perhaps the visuals themselves will be kept under wraps until 1st June, and you'll just have to visit it to see what kind of colourful art Lush have come up with!

Lush Shinjuku

By - Jess.