When Japanese university student and papercraft artist @02ESyRaez4VhR2l (Haruki) sees a box of sweets or snacks, he sees just the beginnings of his next artistic transformation. In the past, Haruki has built up an impressive paper art portfolio and even been featured on national television for turning empty Pringles cans into a stylish boy band, chocolate boxes into Final Fantasy style airships, and even constructing a Studio Ghibli-esque town out of chocolate boxes.

His latest work may be his most imposing however, and perhaps even his best. He recently deconstructed the packaging of a box of Chivas Regal Scotch whisky and put it together to assemble this badass sword and shield-totting knight.

The box of whisky makes a surprisingly natural transformation into a suit of knight armor, no doubt thanks to Haruki's creative use of the Chivas Regal lion strategic placement of lettering.

Haruki says he can't adjust the pose of the knight itself, but it appears he has it in the the perfect position already--and a nice bottle of whisky to enjoy. If you'd like to see more of Haruki's amazing paper art, be sure to follow him on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.