Pokemon is probably one of Japan's most successful exports ever, and many fan artists have unleashed their creativity on the phenomenon. Some re-imagine the creatures in a different art style like these gritty, realistic illustrations, and some even paint over original Pokemon cards to beautifully extend the landscape.

This awesome new twist on the enduring series has been created by Sita Navas, an artist also known as Retro Nerd Studio. She paints characters from various video games and movies in a style loosely inspired by ancient Mayan art.

Her latest creation is a set of three paintings depicting the first-generation starter Pokemon.


Source: RetroNerdStudio


Source: RetroNerdStudio


Source: RetroNerdStudio

The coloured backgrounds and patterns celebrate each Pokemon’s element of leaf, fire and water.

Details like the geometric borders make the work seem like an unearthed, ancient depiction of Mesoamerican mythical creatures. But before you get too sucked in to the historical fantasy, the cheeky Pokeball motifs in the corners tie the reference together.

Source: RetroNerdStudio

The original work was painted with acrylics on a wood panel, and the artist is selling prints online of the awesome compositions.

Retro Nerd Studio has plenty of amazing art pieces inspired by different pop culture references that she has transformed into her signature Mayan style. The prints are available on her Etsy shop, and you can follow her on Instagram to get updates about her new creations.

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By - Jess.