From cat bread to the thinnest bread slices in the world, Japan has plenty of imaginative takes on the classic loaf of bread.

Bread lovers looking for something a bit special are sure to find it at Isepan, a special event running at Isetan department store (6th floor) in Shinjuku which has brought popular bread from all over Japan to be sold in one place.

But one bread stands out as particularly imaginative.

This adorable bread comes from a bakery in Sendai called Kikuchiya, but thanks to the Ikepan event, you can get it in Tokyo for a short time only.

Presenting... watermelon bread!

Although it comes in loaf form, as the photo shows you can cut it into watermelon slice shapes to make it look more realistic.

Looks can be deceiving, and not only is this watermelon actually bread, but it’s not watermelon flavour either. The bread is strawberry flavour, with chocolate chips to make the watermelon seeds.

This fruity bread looks like the perfect summer treat, but sadly the Isepan event only runs from 22nd May to 27th. Not only that, but each day’s sales are limited to just 300 loaves, so you’ll have to get there fast if you want to swipe some for yourself!

Isepan website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.