To the delight of avid meat-lovers (and perhaps the chagrin of those who support a cruelty-free lifestyle), premium Japanese BBQ chain Kintan is offering a wedding party plan featuring a 1.8-meter tall (nearly 6 feet) "cake" covered from base to top in slices of various cuts of premium A4-rank wagyu beef. As the centerpiece of a wedding party plan overflowing with meat dishes, the cake is sure to create a memorable impression for the newlyweds and their invited guests.


Carnevale Co., Ltd., which operates 16 high-end yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants in the Tokyo area, including Kintan, began offering their new wedding plan on May 22nd, 2019. Called "THE KINTAN WEDDING," the plan leverages the scenic view of the Kintan restaurant on the 38th floor of Ebisu Garden Place Tower to provide the backdrop for a memorable party.

The Meat Tower

After the newlyweds ceremoniously cut the towering meat cake, a chef will grill the slices and serve them to you and your guests.

Plan Details

In addition to the meat tower and the beautiful view, the plan, which costs 8,980 JPY per guest, includes a buffet of premium meat dishes, an all-you-can-drink selection of over 40 drinks (2.5 hours), and romantic candles and other decorations to enhance the occasion.

Here are some of the meaty selections in the buffet:

3 varieties of steak, including tongue, sagari (a lean, healthy cut from the diaphragm area), and choice red meat from kuroge wagyu.

Kintan Burgers, mini cheeseburgers with a delicious pepper sauce, these burgers are a popular item on Kintan's regular menu.

Kintan Bolognese pasta with a sauce made with minced beef tongue.

Many other dishes and desserts round out the selection.

For more information

If you're considering THE KINTAN WEDDING or would like to have more information, you can visit their special homepage for more details.

By - Ben K.