Fans of Portgas D. Ace will want to stop by a game center when they visit Japan. Bandai Spirits has just announced what may be one of the best ever prize figures to date of the late Pirate King's son.

The fifth One Piece figure in Bandai Sprits' Grandista-The Grandline Men- line after Zoro in March, Sanji in February, Law in September, and Luffy a full year ago in May, this Portgas D. Ace figure stands 28 cm (11.02 inches) tall and exhibits the highest level of sculpting and coloring for a prize figure you can expect.

You can see the whole Grandista lineup, which also includes Naruto and Dragonball Z, at the official page here.

This handsome figure will be gradually distributed to game centers all over Japan to stock their crane games and other prize machines beginning on May 30th, 2019, so look out for it this summer!

Where to find it

If you'd like to know which game center has it, this page will give you a complete list of all locations nationwide.

Happy treasure hunting!

By - Ben K.