As the weather heats up in Japan, it'll soon be time to dust off the old yukata. A yukata is a light kimono, which is traditionally worn to attend summer festivals and firework displays.

They come in all manner of patterns and colours, ranging from classic floral patterns to more contemporary designs. Sometimes well-known characters can even be incorporated in the patterns. In the past we've seen awesome Disney yukata, themed around Mickey and his various friends.

But for kids, these new Disney yukata have just been released by Japanese brand Right-on, letting the child channel their inner princess when they wear it.

With the release of the live action Aladdin, of course Jasmine is one of the princesses to be included in this line. The yukata’s pattern shows Jasmine surrounded by flowers with white and blue as the main colours.

Other classic princesses are included such as Snow White with the yukata being decorated with an apple motif.

A blue kimono decorated with sealife is perfect for fans of Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Then Tangled’s representative colour of purple is used heavily in the design of the Rapunzel yukata.

While yukata are quite light and breezy for the summer, they can be a little bit restrictive, which isn’t ideal for children who want to play and run around during summer festivals.

Which is why these Disney Princess ‘kimono’ have been designed in a smart way. They aren’t actually a kimono at all, but a summer dress with a yukata-style top to go over it. Once the obi (belt) is in place, it will look a lot like a real one-piece yukata.

Also while the obi used for adult size yukata are quite stiff, the one provided with this yukata is thin and flexible to allow even more freedom of movement.

Each set includes a pretty flower accessory with a dangling princess charm. This can be worn in the hair or attached to the obi.

Each yukata set costs 4990 yen (not including tax), and can be bought online or in Right-on stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.