In Japan, rather than signing documents and forms, people use a ‘hanko’, a stamp of their name. Also known as an inkan, it is specially engraved and designed for the individual person, then registered with the local city hall. For important contracts, such as ones to rent an apartment, you will definitely be asked for a hanko stamp rather than a signature.

There’s a lot of freedom regarding the design, which is why recently some awesome Pokemon-themed hanko were released that actually incorporate the creatures into your seal. Signing off with a legendary Pokemon is one definite way to make an impression on a new landlord.

Adding your favourite Pokemon is one great way to personalise your seal, but for an even more one-of-a-kind hanko, you can now get a design based on your very own dog.

The designers of these customisable hanko particularly had in mind owners whose dog isn’t a popular breed, and usually find it hard to get goods with designs that resemble their own pet. They accept orders with photos of any breed of dog.

After inputting the name you would like to appear in the design and choosing the font, you can send a photo of your pet which will be made into a line illustration by a dedicated artist, then incorporated into the design of your stamp.

The company collected volunteer’s dog photos beforehand to use as examples and show how the artists capture the features and charms of each individual dog.

Like the Pokemon hanko, these seals are accepted by many major banks and postal services within Japan (list available at the bottom of the website).

What better way to honour man's best friend than to use your dog's face to sign for parcels.

Can be ordered online at Rakuten.

By - Jess.