Japan is currently in the middle of a mint chocolate boom, with super strong mint chocolate ice cream and peach mint chocolate rum Kit Kats perhaps leading the way. Now thanks to popular Tokyo butter specialty shop Canoble, mint chocolate fans can enjoy their very own blocks of mint chocolate butter.

Called the Le Buerre Aromatise Choco Mint, the specially flavored butter blocks consisst of a fusion between peppermint syrup, fresh cocoa butter and couverteur chocolate, which Canoble says has a bitter but refreshing taste. It also has flakes of peppermint leaf and chocolate kneaded into it as well. The rich mint chocolate butter sensation should be a game changer for pancakes and cookies!

While available at Canoble's pop up event store at the Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6F, the mint chocolate butter can also be ordered online, selling for 1,240 yen per block.

By - Big Neko.