We recently saw a talented felt artist in Japan craft her very own wrinkly and furry Detective Pikachu plushie, but if you don't have the time or expertise for that, Japanese retailer Premium Bandai has just the thing for you--a life-sized Detective Pikachu doll, complete with posable arms, ears, and trademark tail!

The doll clocks in at 40 centimeters tall, an approximate reproduction of Detective Pikachu's height from the film. Outside of the many poses he can strike to bring him to life, it's his realistic big beady eyed look that seems to steal the show.

He's also just as fluffy to touch as the electric detective film star.

It turns out a life-size Detective Pikachu isn't all that cheap, as Premium Bandai is selling it for 21,780 yen at both their Japanese and international order sites.

By - Big Neko.