If your last doughnut binge left you feeling guilty, Krispy Kreme Japan are releasing a line of doughnuts with a slightly healthier image.

In an attempt to appeal to the health conscious, Krispy Kreme have utilised various nutritious ingredients and super foods to create the ‘Good Day, Good Doughnuts’ line-up. Three new types will be released with added bran powder, rice malt, acerola, ginger and lemon among other things.

The special doughnuts are made from Krispy Kreme’s classic dough, but bran powder is kneaded in with the other ingredients. This wheaty treat will contain a whole host of extra nutrients including fibre, iron, potassium and magnesium.

There are two exciting bran doughnut options coming to the store.

Fruits Yoghurt Bran combine the bran powder infused doughnut base with soy milk chocolate and tart berries. A fruity acerola nappage and creamy yoghurt is splattered the top and finished off with dried berries. Yoghurt is also sandwiched between the doughnut for good measure.

The next bran doughnut, the Ginger and Lemon Bran, is coated in a zesty lemon and ginger icing. This picturesque addition is decorated with lemon sauce, pistachios and honey cubes.

The standard Old Fashioned is getting a nutritious make-over too, this time thanks to the koji (rice malt) added into the dough. The health benefits of koji come from glucose, amino acid and various vitamins.

To cram those extra health points in, the soy milk chocolate coating has been sprinkled with an array of super foods such as cocoa nibs and roasted flax seeds, as well as poppy seeds and almonds.

These health boosting doughnuts will go on sale for a limited time only, from 5th June to mid-July. Just in time to help you perfect that summer body.

Of course, it would probably be healthier to swap the doughnut out for an apple or something. But we all deserve treats from time to time and these new doughnuts could be a healthy(ish) way to satisfy your sweets craving!

By - Jess.