Janken is the Japanese equivalent of rock, paper, scissors, and as such it's used to solve daily disputes over what to eat and the like. There's really no dispute in Red Lobster Japan's proposed use of it however, since you've got a 100% chance of winning a free meal if you play your hand right. The Maihama Ikspiari branch of Red Lobster is celebrating it's first anniversary by allowing guests the opportunity to win a free lobster tail--by defeating a lobster in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

The event will take place on three days--May 29th (Wed), June 5th (Wed) and June 12th (Wed)-- and it's as simple as it sounds. Parties who attend on those days can elect a representive from their group to challenge a lobster to rock, paper, scissors battle, and if they prove victorious will be awarded one regular sized oven roasted lobster, which is usually priced at 4,980 yen ($45.53 USD). Of course, the restaurant is giving people a pretty helpful tip--lobsters are only able to play "scissors" by default, so if you go in with an umm, "rock-solid" game plan, you stand to win fairly easily.

There are a couple of conditions, however. Challengers are required to take a picture of their battle and post it to a social media outlet with the hashtag #ロブスターじゃんけん (Lobster Janken). Parties must also order at least 1250 yen of food or drinks per person, so you can't just make do with the lobster plate you win. Still, it's normally a price lobster tail, so it's worth the trip alone for that, as well as bragging rights over lobsters everywhere.

The event will run all day at the Maihama Ikspiari location in Japan, but the branch warns that they may end early depending on lobster availability.

By - Big Neko.