Visiting every single one of Japan’s 47 prefectures is something that most of us hope to achieve in a lifetime, but these two adventurous cats have already been there, done that.

Daikichi and Fuku-chan inspire Insta-jealousy with their artistic shots taken in gorgeous locations. They travel luxuriously, taking it easy in back packs and carriers, while their human owners do all the leg work.

But they weren’t always so lucky. Their owners, Daisuke and Tomomi Nagasawa, rescued both the cats from dire circumstances.

When Daikichi (the brown and white cat) was found in 2005, he was in a bad way. A scrawny stray, barely surviving, he had collapsed on a snowy road in a Hokkaido national park.

The striking ginger kitty, Fuku-chan (real name Daifuku), was discovered five years later in a cardboard box near a Tokyo park. She needed eye surgery, and the couple pledged to take her in and care for her.

Both cats were very fortunate to be found by such a kind couple, but another problem arose. Daisuke and Tomomi are keen travellers, both for work and leisure, and due to Daikichi’s past, he doesn’t easily trust humans. The feisty feline wouldn’t accept any cat-sitters that Daisuke arranged, and hated staying in pet hotels where he would apparently ‘scream all night’.

In the end Daisuke just decided to take his cats with him wherever he went.

And now they do everything together. Daisuke and his feline companions have travelled the length and breadth of Japan and seen so many of its famous charms and attractions, but they’re not stopping there.

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By - Jess.