Japan’s Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) have a massive range of goods to suit any occasion.

Every year they recommend the perfect presents for various events and even sometimes release special items just for the occasion.

This year for Mother’s Day, the store released a charming limited-edition gift set which was wrapped up to look like the corn Mei gives to her mother in My Neighbour Totoro.

Now with Father’s Day on the horizon, they’re tapping the most dad-like products they can come up with, and what do dads like better than polo shirts, handkerchiefs and alcohol?

This awesome Laputa sake bottle (4,200 yen) and cup set is perfect for a dad who loves robots and a stiff drink. It's designed to look like the Laputan robot soldier from the movie. The sake cup doubles up as the lid of the bottle and completes the robot as its head.

The line of polo shirts (5,800 yen each) have been designed to be subtle enough for any occasion. The simple shirts are adorned with embroidered characters on the pocket. Choose from My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Porco Rosso. A Ghibli loving dad could even rock one to work during the summer months!

The last of their recommendations is these smart-looking handkerchiefs (1,200 yen each), the simple and stylish designs are perfect for a gentleman Ghibli fan. There’s three designs to choose from Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle or Porco Rosso.

The goods can be found in store or on Donguri Republic's online shop.

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By - Jess.