Although Japan has embraced the new Reiwa era, the appeal of the "golden days" atmosphere of the Show era doesn't seem to be going anywhere, as shown by the retro traditional Japanese coffee house menu at Starbucks and the increasing number of Showa-style pubs.

Now the art division of Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has added a new item to its series of Showa-themed goods. A miniature version of a classic fan found as a staple in most Showa era households to keep you cool at your desk.

While miniature fans are nothing new, much of the response on social media has been one of nostalgia for fans people remember seeing in their grandma's house or old fashioned eateries of Showa yesteryear. The fan clocks in at 17 cm, and is equipped with two cooling speeds--regular and strong--as well as timer settings.

Compatible with USB, it's perfect for a subtle but retro miniature fan to keep you cool while use your computer. It can probably most easily be purchased, along with others in the Showa goods series, in two colors from Amazon.

By - Big Neko.