Japanese tea purveyor Tousuien, who specialize in Izumo matcha, have two Father's Day gift suggestions which will make any matcha lover drool.

One of the most prized varieties of matcha, Izumo Matcha is expensive, and Tousuien's Premium line costs over 100,000 JPY per kilogram (45,351 JPY per pound), which works out to $417 USD per pound at current exchange rates.

Fortunately, for Father's Day, they're offering a rich, creamy matcha chocolate terrine and gelato filled with the premium and exquisitely flavored matcha at an incredibly discounted price.

Izumo Matcha Chocolate Terrine

Luxuriously using four cups worth of Izumo Matcha Premium, the terrine is a rich and concentrated dessert guaranteed to delight Matcha lovers. In addition to the quality of the tea, produced with the highest attention to quality, the eggs used are premium free-range eggs which cost 100 yen (92 cents) each, from chickens raised in Okuizumo in Shimane Prefecture, fed on ginseng and organic vegetables.

The terrine is available in a 230g full-size for 5,000 JPY ($46 USD) and a 115g half-size for 3,000 JPY ($28 USD). At bulk price for the tea alone, 230 grams is worth 23,000 JPY ($211 USD), and 115 grams 15,000 JPY ($138 USD) so it's clearly an excellent deal.

The terrine comes in an elegant black box, and will be beautifully wrapped before delivery (see wrapping image below).

To order, please visit their website here. (Deliveries within Japan only).

Izumo Matcha Gelato

If you love matcha ice cream, you're going to be in matcha heaven with Izumo Matcha Gelato. Each 100 ml cup contains a whole cup of Izumo Matcha Premium, and made with the same premium eggs used in the terrine.

The gift box contains five 100 ml (3.38 oz) cups and costs 4,500 JPY

To order, please visit their website here. (Deliveries within Japan only).


By - Ben K.