Some of the best steampunk gadgets we've seen have actually been the creative work of dedicated fans, including homemade steampunk watches and artwork, but Japanese computer goods shop Dospara has an official release that goes shoulder-to-shoulder in cool with the best of fan creations. The "My Dark History" notebook set gives fans a place to write down all their dark spells and machinations in a darkly beautiful hybrid of steampunk and fantasy aesthetic.

Decorated with skulls, gears, and jewels in grim detail, the otherworldly stationery set will have you feeling like a powerful sorcerer in no time.

The set itself consists of an elaborate feathered pen and tome-style notebook, ink, replacement pen points, stamp, and sealing wax for confidential documents.

The set itself is available at Dospora, and their online shop carries it for 7,110 yen.

By - Big Neko.