An unfortunate reality in Japan is that recently groping and sexual harassment incidents on trains or train platforms are not an uncommon topic to see in news headlines. Just recently media discussion about handling such incidents was sparked again by footage of school girls chasing down a man who had touched them inappropriately on a train, and even certain train stations have gained a reputation for similar incidents.

Japanese illustrator Nago (@ikng_0 recently took to Twitter to describe the different types of "chikan" (gropers, molesters) that appear on trains (man or woman).

From left to right, the illustration shows chikan who:

(Front row)

Incessantly pat your hair.

Sit super close to you despite the train being empty.

Push their privates up against you.

Inset their foot in between yours, with a suspicious whole in their shoe (which may conceal a hidden camera).

(Bottom row)

Pour liquids on you.

Place their hands over yours on the hand strap.

Nibble on your hair

And as a case of extraordinary perverts--a nude person in a horse mask!

In response to the Tweet, many commented sharing their own experiences with chikan on trains. Nago picked up a few of them an illustrated them, hoping to shine a light on what some people unfortunately have been going through. These include:

Putting a used condom in your bag.

Using one of your earphones as you use them.

Sticking a tongue in your ear.

Unhooking your bra.

Licking your cheek or neck.

Grabbing a hold of your arms.

Rubbing elbows on your chest.

Putting their crotch close to your face (while you are sitting down).

Unbuttoning your shirt.

Cutting your skirt.

Touching your chest or butt when getting off the train.

Showing you obscene videos or images on their phone.

As you can see, some of the accounted experiences are truly awful. Hopefully the illustration and discussion around it can shift some much needed focus onto what many have had to endure for too long, and more attention can go into preventing these incidents.

By - Big Neko.