This is Kiki-chan, a beautiful rainbow lorikeet whose humorous exploits are documented by her owner on the Twitter account @kozukiqtaro.

Kiki-chan may seem sweet, but this colourful bird has a jealous side which comes out when her owner gives attention to another bird. Even if the recipient of that attention isn’t even a real bird at all.

A series of videos posted on the Twitter shows what happens when Kiki-chan’s owner pets a toy parrot in full view.

As the owner gives love to the fake parrot, Kiki-chan marches straight over to demand attention.

There’s another video of Kiki-chan scoping out her rival and wondering what makes this schmuck so special.

When the owner tries again, Kiki-chan is just not having it.

If you want to see more of Kiki-chan's cute antics, follow her owner on Twitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.