Lego is loved all over the world by children and adults alike, and some Lego creations (such as this pop-up book of Himeji castle or these delectable looking food samples) are truly mind-blowing.

Using Lego Technic, a type that can be used to make more advanced models with technical functions and moving parts, this Japanese Lego master called Ken (@kenken_lego) has created an automatic origami machine so we can all save precious time not having to fold our own paper airplanes anymore.

Not only does the Lego machine fold the paper airplane for you, but it also launches it into the air at an impressive speed once finished.

If you add a big stack of paper you can even keep a constant stream of airplane action going on.

The machine will be exhibited at Japan Brickfest, the largest international fan built Lego event in the country, which will be held in Hyogo prefecture on June 8th and 9th 2019.

Apart from just being a fun idea, there’s another reason behind this machine. It was created as a way to convince people to fill out surveys. On the condition that they fill it out first, people will be able to use the questionnaire paper as fodder for the airplane machine, sending their precious customer opinions to the relevant parties via air.

This brickmaster has truly achieved the impossible. He has made people actually want to fill out questionnaires.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.