Earlier this year, we saw a stunningly gorgeous traditional Japanese style umbrella (wagasa) inspired by the country's equally beautiful cherry blossom season. While fluttering sakura petals are no threat to elegant umbrellas made out of traditional Japanese paper, rainy season in Japan, or tsuyu (梅雨) can bring a rather harsh downpour. Fortunately retailer Spice is releasing a sturdy umbrella capable of withstanding the heavy rain, while also providing traditional Japanese designs to perfectly match your kimono or yukata.

If you've ever walked outside in Japan when it's raining, you've likely seen a sea of clear plastic umbrellas in the streets. While their transparency allows for better visibility when walking with an umbrella, many of them are cheap pickups from convenience stores, and often tend to break when exposed to heavier wind or rain. Spice's new "Happy Clear Umbrella" beefs up the standard clear umbrella with a sturdy fiber glass "12 spine" system, but also traditional Japanese art designs typically found on kimono and yukata so that they can provide an interesting overlapping aesthetic when paired with your wardrobe.

The umbrella is available with goldfish, hydrangea, and morning glory floral motifs.

The umbrellas are available from Spice's online shop, with each priced at 1,500 yen. International shipping appears to be available if customers fill out an international shipping registration.

By - Big Neko.