Themed cafes and restaurants are ubiquitous in Japan, and you’ll often see one pop up for a new movie or anime release. But the quality of these cafes vary. Sometimes it’s just a chance to look at a cool display showcasing your favourite characters or see an exclusive clip, rather than to actually feel immersed in the fictional world. These places also have a reputation for focusing more on the presentation of the food than the taste.

But this exciting ‘Ghoul Restaurant’, which is materializing somewhere in Ginza to celebrate the release of the new live-action movie Tokyo Ghoul S, have not only put amazing effort into the creepy appearance of the dishes on offer, but are offering a chance to jump completely into the horrific world of Tokyo Ghoul for a night.

The menu consists of one gore-inspired course, called the Blood and Rose Gourmet Dinner Course, which looks equal parts delicious and equal parts terrifying. It was also conjured up by Hideo Yamamoto, a gourmet chef from a famous French restaurant, raising the standard for food quality in themed cafes and restaurants.

This quality is reflected in the price though, the course will set you back 10,000 yen (about $92).

The experience is billed as completely immersive, a recreation of the Ghoul-frequented restaurant that appears in the movie itself. 40,000 roses decorate the space and live entertainment, including performers will add to the atmosphere.

The restaurant has been produced by Afro&Co., the company behind the super popular springtime Sakura Chill Bar.

The location of the ghoulish Ginza hideout is a secret, which will only be revealed to those who buy tickets.

The hidden restaurant will be around from 5th July to 4th August 2019, offering two time slots per night.

Tickets go on sale 14th June from 12pm, check out the website to see if you can snap some up before they disappear...

By - Jess.