Russian figure skating champion and star Evgenia Medvedeva has developed a passionate fanbase in Japan. Known not only for her top level skating skills, her open love for Japanese manga and anime has endeared her to many in Japan. That fandom now stands in support of the skating star after she received a hateful letter, shared here by former US skater Johnny Weir who is currently in Japan as part of the Fantasy on Ice tour..

Although not mentioned by name, Medvedeva is clearly the letter's target, as it tells her to return to her training facility TCC (Toronto Cricket Club) and home country of Russia. Medvedeva later confirmed that the letter, which calls her a "devil" and tells her to leave Japan, was sent to her, saying "I want to thank my fans for the support and warm words. I just wanted to confirm that I’m ok and those words didn’t hurt me or get me down."

Fans in Japan have widely denounced the letter on social media, urging the 19-year-old skating star to not think it is representative of skating fans in Japan. Medvedeva clearly doesn't think so, and has been showing off how much she enjoys Japan with photos of her visiting famous spots in Japan, as well as urging her fans to come visit as.

Japanese fans have responded to the incident with the hashtag #JapanLoveEvgenia with fanart and photos.

It sounds like Medvedeva has shrugged it off, and will continue to perform in Sailor Moon cosplay.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.