The Kirby Cafe in Tokyo has been seen before, but its current iteration is so popular that it keeps opening again and again.

This time it’s back for summer time, with a host of new menu items which will make you feel like you’re in a Nintendo-designed tropical paradise.

Kirby’s Summer Holiday

After running around and inhaling everything in his path, Kirby could really do with a summer holiday. So here it is, depicted as a delicious looking dish.

Whispy Farm’s Curry: The Ultimate Choice

This curry allows you to choose from four different spicy sauces to make it as hot as you like.

Kine’s Floating Yoghurt Granola

Kirby's aquatic accomplice takes a dive into yoghurt for this light dessert.

King Dedede’s Lost Things

A dessert including King Dedede's red cap and trademark star-studded hammer.

Aqua Star Cocktail

Catch Kirby floating around the Aqua Star in this refreshing beverage.

Check out the Kirby Cafe website for full menu and prices. It's necessary to reserve a table to visit which you can also do online. The cafe is currently open and will only be around until 23rd September.

Address: Tokyo, Sumida, Oshiage 1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town, Solamachi 4F

By - grape Japan editorial staff.