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Starbucks Japan Expand Teavana Range with Frozen Green Tea and Apple

Japan’s boiling hot and humid summers require the most refreshing frozen drinks to help cool us all down.

Starbucks Japan hope to come to our rescue this year by expanding their Teavana range to include the perfect cooling down drink, Frozen Tea Sencha and Green Apple.

Sencha is a type of green tea made using infused tea leaves, unlike matcha which is prepared using powder.

This ultimate refreshing blend includes sencha, matcha, perilla, Japanese pepper and peppermint which forms the invigorating green tea icy base. The beverage is then laced with a sweet apple compote which was made using Italian granny smith apples and kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) paste.

The new Teavana item is also being showcased as part of Starbucks Japan Wonder Project which promotes the distinct flavours and culture of Japan.

If you want to try the Frozen Tea Sencha and Green Apple beverage it's out from today in Starbucks all over Japan.

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By - Jess.