Originally serialized in Shogakukan’s girls' manga magazine "Ciao," Tottoko Hamutaro (or Hamtaro in English), Ritsuko Kawai's series about a hamster called Hamtaro and his adventures with other hamsters, has been made into five anime series, four anime movies, and numerous computer games so far.

"The Hamtaro Call"

Moreover, the anime series' cute and catchy opening theme "Hamtaro Tottoko no Uta" has gained attention in recent years because of a trend in anisong DJ club events called the "Hamtaro Call," where the entire floor engages in a call and response to the lyrics while running around in circles when the song is played. We saw it happen at an indoor event like the Character T-Shirt Party in Akihabara Entas last October, and hundreds joined in at the "Niku Fes" in May 2018, as you can see below:

Hamtaro pyjamas

In the nearly twenty years since its first anime aired, Tottoko Hamutaro has seen all kinds of merchandise, but now, thanks to Premium Bandai, you can buy one of three cute and comfy pajama sets featuring Hamtaro, Ribbon-chan and Neteru-kun.


With a striped pattern on an orange background featuring Hamtaro and his favorite food, sunflower seeds, the pajamas also come with an eye mask which even has Hamtaro's ears on it.


With a pastel blue striped background featuring Ribbon-chan and her signature ribbons, the pajamas also come with two ribbon-like scrunchies for your hair so you can look like Ribbon-chan too!


These pajamas feature a large dot pattern and has an image of Neteru-kun stitched into the shirt. The set also comes with a cute pajama case in the shape of the sock where Neteru-kun likes to sleep.

Product Details

  • Name (JP): とっとこハム太郎 ハム太郎のパジャマ
  • Name (EN): Tottoko Hamutaro Hamutaro Pajamas
  • Price: 14,040 JPY (excl. shipping and handling) [about 130 USD at current exchange rates]
  • Dimensions: Shirt (body length 70 cm [27½″], shoulder width 40 cm [15¾″], body width 52 cm [20½″], sleeve length 57.5 cm [22¾″]), Pants (height 97 cm [38¼″], waist 65 cm [25¾″], hip 96 cm [38″])
  • Reserve/Purchase Website: Premium Bandai
  • Period: Until June 30th 23:00 (JST)
  • Delivery: Expected in August

Note: The Japanese Premium Bandai online shop can only deliver to a Japanese address, so if you would like this sent outside of Japan, you may need to use a forwarding service or wait to see if it will be carried by one of their international branches.

Hamtaro plush

Incidentally, if you had your eye on the Hamtaro plush in the pictures above, it will be available from Bandai Presto at crane games in Japan from December:

I LOVE HAMUCHANS from とっとこハム太郎 めちゃでかぬいぐるみ (I LOVE HAMUCHANS from Tottoko Hamutaro Mechadeka Nuigurumi), 30 cm

By - Ben K.