One of the things that people envy about Japan is the sheer amount of special edition and seasonal flavours. Bold Japan will venture into tastes and combinations that others are too scared to even think about.

But these flavours also often take inspiration from various other countries, as in this new series coming to Japan from Fanta. ‘Fanta Delicious Flavours of the World’ will take us on a taste journey with every can.

They’re kicking things off with a traditional Romanian drink. Socata is made by fermenting elderflowers in a honey solution or lemon and sugar. This refreshing summer drink was obviously chosen with the season in mind.

Socata Fanta has been previously released in Europe (as Fanta Shokata) and was super successful, overtaking all flavours but the classic Fanta orange in popularity.

Now this flavour is being released in Japan for the very first time, introducing the Japanese people to the wonder of Romanian socata.

Fanta Socata!?, as it has been stylised in Japan, is out now in a limited number. But you can’t just walk into a convenience store or supermarket to pick one up, this flavour is exclusive to vending machines, meaning you’ll have to stay on the look out if you want to try it for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.