Located beneath Tokyo Tower in the "Foot Town" building is the One Piece tower, an indoor theme park centered around shops and attractions dedicated to the hit manga and anime series One Piece. One such attraction is the Cafe Mugiwara, which serves up food and drink inspired by characters that appear throughout the series as well as 600 books related to One Piece from around the world, free to read while you enjoy your meal. Now the cafe has announced five new items added to their menu, sure to be a hit with One Piece fans traveling to Tokyo Tower.

Here's a look at the latest menu items for Cafe Mugiwara.

Sabo's Dragon Claw (Ryusoken) Spicy Fried Chicken Burger

A burger inspired by Sabo's Ryusoken style using spicy fried chicken tatsuta, served on a black bun inspired by the revolutionary's clothing.

White Beard's Ocean Seafood Open Sandiwch

An open-faced sandwich topped with a platter of seafood, white sauce, and tortilla strip replica of the great pirate's iconic mustache.

Perona's Bursting Berry Framboise Yogurt Pancake

A pink and cute pancake inspired by Perona's aesthetic, topped with a mixed yogurt and raspberry sauce.

Reiju's Poison Pink Strawberry Pudding

The pudding expresses Reiju's color scheme with strawberry and blueberry, and is topped with a baked sweet potato roll cake meant to signify her raid suit.

Sanji's "Fall in Love" Sweets Pizza

A heart-shaped pizza inspired by Sanji's undying love for women, it's topped with mangoes and strawberries and is recommended for sharing.

One Piece fans eager to try out the new menu items, as well as the preexisting menu items, can find access information on the official website.

By - Big Neko.