Tokyo Pokemon trainers have been enjoying the only permanent Pokemon Cafe in Japan, as well as the adjacent Pokemon Center Tokyo DX (the largest Pokemon Center yet) since they both opened March last year.

But why should Tokyo be the only ones to enjoy such wonders? Other cities want to genuinely fear for their bank account too and be faced with wall to wall, shiny new merch and Jigglypuff-faced desserts.

Well the next lucky location has been chosen and Japan’s second major city, Osaka, will soon become host to their very own Pokemon Center DX and cafe duo.

A favourite of tourists, the bustling Shinsaibashi area has been chosen as the next spot for the Pokemon attractions, which have already proved themselves incredibly popular in Tokyo.

Each Pokemon Center in Japan has large figures, often at the entrance, which act as photo spots as well as awesome decorations. It seems that the figures at the new Pokemon Center Osaka DX location (which will be life-size versions) will take the form of the three first generation legendary bird Pokemon, Moltres (2m), Articuno (1.7m) and Zapdos (1.6m).

The décor for the Pokemon cafe looks like it will be very similar to the Tokyo branch

Not much information has been revealed in the initial announcement, but they hope to be open pretty soon with a projected date of 20th September 2019.

By - Jess.