BT21, the adorable characters created by LINE and K-pop group BTS, keep coming back for more and more pop-up cafes, with new and original menu items every time.

The summer iteration of the popular themed eatery will see the rag-tag team on a well-deserved vacation, relaxing at the beach.

This time, the cafe’s Tokyo location is inside the fashion mecca of Shibuya 109. There’s also going to be other cafes popping up in Nagoya and Osaka.

To reflect the summery concept, the menu is inspired by Hawaiian cuisine. Punters can choose freely between the mains and desserts to create a set costing 1990 yen. The main you choose also comes with a card showing the corresponding character. On top of the set you can also order extra desserts (a Hawaiian style malasada with BT21 decorations) for 500 yen each.

BT21 Shibuya 109 Cafe Menu

Shooky's Mochiko Chicken

Tata's Loco Moco Bowl

Chimmy's Hawaiian Burger

Cooky's Furikake Ahi

Mang's Garlic Shrimp

RJ's Poki Plate

Koya's Kahlua Pork

Naturally, each character also has their own representative drink which costs 890 yen each (all prices are before tax).

Van - lemonade

Shooky - almond milk float

RJ - orange soda

Tata - ramune soda

Cooky - cassis (blackcurrant) syrup soda

Mang - Kyoho grape soda

Koya - blue curacao Calpis

Chimmy - passionfruit soda

The cafe is coming to SHIBUYA BOX CAFE & SPACE, Shibuya 109, floor B2 from 28th June to 19th August 2019. You can use the BT21 cafe website to reserve a table.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.